Qualities To Look For In A Motivational Speaker

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Qualities To Look For In A Motivational Speaker

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The main purpose of hiring motivational speakers is to take advantage of their abilities to inspire people in an organization to succeed. After a period of time, employees sometimes become disheartened and stop working at their best. They feel uninterested in pursuing something further if they believe they have already accomplished the specific standard. A motivational speaker will do wonders in bringing back the enthusiasm of these employees.

Motivational-SpeakersBecause of different professional and personal reasons, the morale of employees often falls and sometimes, to really low levels. After a point, not even the bosses higher up the chain can inspire their employees. When this happens, it is time to hire a speaker that can boost their morale. After hearing that speaker, employees are bound to change their ways and get back their lost spirits.

The top motivational speakers would recommend new strategies to find other ways of maximizing profitability or to have more sales. Their speech should inspire employees to start discussions. They will come up with new ideas based on the knowledge that the speaker passes on.

So, if your organization is considering hiring a motivational speaker for a convention, meeting, company event, or any occasion, check out the rest of this article to know what you should look for.

Understand the Audience

It is important that a speaker understands their audience – what would strengthen their mind, what they want to hear, how they would respond to the speaker, and so on. The speaker should be someone who is an expert in the field that the company belongs to, or even better if they are considered as an authority in that industry.

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Normally, a business conference is held in an extremely charged atmosphere, which puts added pressure on the employees who are already stressed out. For this reason, the first thing the speaker should do is to create a relaxed ambiance. They must know how to have a friendly atmosphere and make sure people are comfortable so they would listen. This way, the speaker always wins the trust of the audience because of their modest manner of speaking.

Listen to Their Past Gigs or Watch Their Videos

Motivational-SpeakerWatch out for the style of the motivational speaker in delivering their message. It should not sound agenda-like or preachy. The employees deserve a speaker who is better than that. For a company-wide convention, the speaker should be a good storyteller. Their speech should be sprinkled with stories that represent success, which employees could relate to and not a generic advice that will temporarily “solve” everything that needs attention.

These success stories that the speaker must share are those achieved after great efforts so the employees would feel that they can beat their challenges. The speaker should also be able to analyze the problems of the employees, get to the root cause, and offer practical, lasting solutions.

Talk About Personal Goals

Your company needs a speaker who is also a thought leader. They must have a supplemental material that the employees can refer to during their talk. Motivational speaking is a lot like a good film or theater. If it has a good script, it would sound personal to the audience and the idea of motivational speaking is to get everyone in the audience to reconsider their own aspirations and motivate them to make a change or act what they have been thinking all along.

Action-oriented Technique

The motivational speaker must be completely aware of what the end-result should be. For example, you may want a speaker that would inspire the audience to face the present circumstances at work. You need to make sure that the speaker ends with a powerful technique that pushes the employees to follow through when the motivational effect begins to fade. This is the key takeaway so that the speech would have the greatest impact.


For many people, passion is everything and if the speaker does not have it, you need to look for someone else. If motivational speaking has a formula, then passion is the most important element that could totally be a game-changer for the occasion or anyone in the audience. Passion for success, life, and work is the best in changing people’s perceptions – this is what you need for your audience.

Not Just a Job

While motivational speakers are being paid for their services, the best ones do not perceive it as just a job. They consider it as an art, a pursuit that must draw from life. The story of the motivational speaker must instill solidarity with the members of the audience. A listener can only rewrite their own story when they can relate to the speaker’s story.

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