Buying Guide for the Basics of Golf Equipment

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Buying Guide for the Basics of Golf Equipment

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There is a reason why golf is almost always portrayed as a rich man’s sport. The different pieces of golf equipment are often expensive. This is why golf players should think carefully before purchasing their equipment. Great equipment may be expensive, but with proper care, these could stay with the player for the entire length of his golf career.

Control and distance – choosing the golf clubs

Taylormade-golfA golf club is the most costly golf equipment players have to buy in order to play. Moreover, players also cannot use just one club for a game, because each club type has its own special characteristics. What the players need to do is to get a general feel of the different clubs before purchasing his own.

Before choosing a club, a player should know the two factors that affect the performance of the ball upon impact: the control over the ball and the distance covered by the ball. These two are commonly indirectly proportional. Clubs would often favor one of the two factors by choosing one, the player ends up foregoing the other.

For players who prefer a certain level of control over their drives, it is best for them to check out clubs that do not require above average swing speeds to use. Recommended golf equipment would therefore be the Irons. Players who use irons would see how the club chooses a degree of control rather than optimized flight distance. The irons have the capability to limit the direction and distance of the ball, and the resulting spin upon hitting the ball.

For players who would rather have distance over control, they should look at the Woods. These are golf equipment known as the long distance clubs. The woods enjoy covering the longest distance they possibly can cover, but they sacrifice their degree of control over the drives and performance of the ball.

Level of Skills and Financial Limitations – selecting the golf ball

Though the golf ball may not be as expensive as a club, the average overall amount invested in golf balls throughout a person’s time is still a rather intimidating figure. One of the things that a player should realize is that he would end up routinely buying golf balls, simply because either he would lose some of these during games or he would wear the ball down to the point where the performance is adversely affected.

In choosing a golf ball, a golf player should consider matching his skills with the given ball. For those who are still beginners and are still in the training phase, they should check the practice balls or range balls. These balls have the same characteristics of an official golf ball but have shorter flight distance. They are, however, made as inexpensive as possible so the selling price would also be quite low. They are the balls often used in driving ranges.

Taylormade golfFor the average players, especially those with low swing speed, a fitting ball type is the recreational ball. They perform better than the practice range and are more expensive. They are recommended for players with low swing speed because the speed would match the low compression of the ball. They have reduced sides pin characteristics, making it hard to customize the drives done to it. In addition, they are great for people who tend to lose their balls easily on the course.Recreational balls are also commonly seen on the golf courses.

The advanced balls are best for the highly skilled players. They have high compression, thereby requiring the player to hit with above average swing speed. They also have better sides pin characteristics, making it easy to customize shots.


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