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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AL and MS Republican Primaries

As I type this up, on Republican Primary Day in Mississippi and Alabama, the campaigns of Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are in full swing around my city (Mobile, AL).  I went to vote Tuesday morning for a host of Republican candidates for both state and local offices and for U.S. Congressman.  I also voted for my choice of Republican Presidential candidate.  I voted for Mitt Romney.  He is far from being the perfect choice.  In fact, in time, I may come to regret that vote if Romney is elected and becomes George W. Bush 2.0.  I would never forgive myself if that happens.  However, even a George W. Bush 2.0 is better than a Barack Obama 1.0 or any other version of President Obama.  Yes, I selected the lesser of four evils Tuesday morning in the Republican Primary here in Alabama.  The local news channels said voting was light.  But, it sure as hell wasn't at my precinct.  I had to get in line to wait for at least 30 minutes.  Other precincts were much lighter than mine. 

Polls have shown that it has been a virtual deadlock between Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum (who was in my city last week on a campaign stop) and Mitt Romney in both Alabama and Mississippi.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Newt Gingrich is going to finish second in both states.  Nothing I can base that on.  Just a feeling.  I think his time has passed by.  On the other hand, if Mitt Romney wins one state and finishes a strong second in the other, this will put immense pressure on both Santorum and Gingrich who continues to insist he will stay in the race regardless of outcome.  If the money runs out, Newt will have no choice but to bow out.  To a lesser extent, that could also be the case for Rick Santorum.  He is not running as well as he would have liked.  Mitt Romney is showing surprising strength in both states.  Romney was not expected to be competitive in Alabama and Mississippi.  He was within a couple of point of Newt Gingrich in MS and virtually tied with Gingrich in AL.  If Romney somehow pulls off an amazing upset and wins both states, there will be little reason for both Gingrich and Santorum to remain in the race.  In fact, you will see their Republican contributors start to abandon them.  It is about time to rally around Romney, warts and all.

UPDATE:  Well, how wrong can I be?  Still, Romney did well in two states that he did not expect to do well at all.  This long GOP nomination process continues.

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